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Avatar Recfest

Pimping fics to make Iroh proud...

Pimping That Would Make Iroh Proud
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Are you tired of sorting through badfic to find those rare jewels? Have you found a fic that totally deserves so much more that its solitary review? Do you just want to see more goodfic in the world? Or are you searching for more fic of a certain genre?

Welcome to avatar_recfest.


Know a bunch of great fics that must be shared with the rest of the world? Join the comm and post them!

World-weary from reading too many badly-written fics? Join the comm and enjoy these beautiful recs from other members!

Looking for a particular kind of well-written fic? Join the community and post a request!

The point of the community is to bring out the fics that are truly awesome in the Avatar: the Last Airbender fandom. They are out there and you know that you want to read them.


1. Be nice. This is not the place to start a wankfest. Disrupters will be banned.

2. Any given fic can only be recced once. I think we'd all like to see variety and it won't be cool if we just see the same ol' fics being recced over and over again. The one and only exception to the rule is the recommendation of fics from The Great Avatar Fic-Reccing Thread that did not garner enough votes; however, these fics cannot be recced by the poster who had originally posted in the thread with the fic rec.

Please search avatar_recfest's del.icio.us using the tags on the right to make sure the fic that you have has not already been recced in this community. Redundant posts will be deleted.

3. Rec goodfics, plz. Parodies are lovely and perfectly acceptable, but if the fic truly does not have decent grammmar, or has ridiculously misspelled main characters or is just god-awful plot/characterization/writing-wise, there are other places to rec 'em, such as your own journal or avatarsues. We're here for the shiny stuff.

4. If posting more than one fic rec, please make use of the LJ-cut and continue to use the reccing template below for each fic. This gives readers more information and helps me in archiving the fic.

5. At this point, self-pimping is not okay.

6. Do leave reviews for the recced fics if you can, especially if you requested said fics I know I can't exactly enforce this one, but it's common courtesy. Someone has found a fic that you would be interested in reading; it would be nice for you to leave a decent review. In-depth reviews would be great and I think it would be wonderful if you could leave one, but even if you can't, do try to leave a good review stating what you liked/didn't like etc (yes, you have permission from me to be brutally honest because I think that people should be honestly told how their writing is and criticism can only help anyone). Even if the fic is hosted outside of LJ and you don't have a user account, most places allow you to leave anonymous reviews, so take advantage of them. Reviews consisting of "OMG LOL RITE MORE PLZ" are not cool.

7. If you request a fic, try to keep your request somewhat general so that it's easier for people to find you fic. Instead of asking for an Alternate Universe fic in which Zuko conquers the world with the power of cheese, just ask for an Alternate Universe fic. You don't have to use all the criteria of the "Request" template; you're free to just ask for a particular ship or genre if you wish.




Why you're pimping it: [please keep it under an lj-cut if it's long]



Genre/situation preferred:
Characters preferred:
Ships preferred:
Ratings preferred/allowed: [FYI we are not responsible for your parents/guardians walking in on you reading a fic with a rating that is higher than allowed. If you want to read higher ratings as an underage, neither I nor any other member will bear any responsibility for your actions and/or any consequences that result]

Confused? Have a question? Feel free to contact your modly being, dharmavati, at her LJ or at her email, tamingoftheshru[at]gmail[dot]com.

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